Meet the Bloggers

Welcome, readers!

Page and Prose is a literary passion project created by two book-loving friends, Hailey and Safiyya.  We both come from families of readers, and books have always been an integral part of both of our lives.  We’re thrilled to be able to share our reading journey, here on our blog!


Our plan is to write book reviews, participate in tags and challenges, and engage in (respectful!) discussions about books from different genres and topics. This blog is very much intended as a place of relaxation, and as such, we want to keep things a bit informal and spontaneous. In short, this is going to be tremendous fun!


For more about each of the Page and Prose authors, see below.


Hailey (she/her)

Hello readers! Thanks for joining us.  I’ve always loved reading and I never leave the house without a book (and a spare!) My tastes are fairly eclectic though I tend to gravitate toward fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia and mystery. I also adore comics and graphic novels.  When I’m not reading (a rarity), you can find me drawing, knitting or dreaming about pet dragons.

  Safiyya (she/her)

    What can I say about myself? Well, I am a tabby cat of Al-Rassan (I know my limits), a disciple of Hercule Poirot (those little grey cells!), an alumnus of Hogwarts (trans women are women), an admirer of Cordelia Vorkosigan (she is my hero).

    All of which is to say, please shoot over any recommendations for similar books, please!