Turning Point was a fast-paced crime


novella, with a decent twist at the end. A small town and its police department of is plagued by a serial killer given the moniker Russian Doll Killer due to the nesting dolls left at each crime scene.
What is the significance of the killer’s calling card? Will the police, inexperienced with such violent crimes, be able to capture the first serial killer in the town’s history?

Unfortunately, the concept was more interesting than the actual novella. Most of the characters felt flat and underdeveloped, with the exception of Michael who was obnoxiously unlikeable (it’s intentional but it becomes grating

very quickly and made it hard to keep reading at points). As a “thriller”, it wasn’t particularly thrilling. Even the twist ending didn’t feel altogether shocking, rather mildly diverting.


It was a decent read, quick read. Rather standard police procedural/crime fare, but not bad way to spend an afternoon.

Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Original Stories for providing this ARC.


– Hailey

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