Remember how Hailey and I are planning to finish the 52 Book Club’s reading challenge for this year (here)? Well, we at Page and Prose decided that one can never have too much stress in their lives. In a spirit of excessive Canadian patriotism, we are going to complete the Indigo Reading Challenge for 2021!


Here are our ground rules for the challenge:

  • Hailey and I will include the full list of prompts below, drawn from the Indigo website (here).
  • We will add our answers for the items that we’ve already checked off between January 1, 2021 and the present date.
  • As the year unfolds, we will keep adding our answers to this blog post.
  • Once again, Hailey’s listed books will not be the same as my listed books.


Given the super-deluxe challenge of doing multiple book challenges at once, we will each be allowed two (2) repeats between this list and the 52 Book Club list.


Additional ground rules:

  • Rereads do not count! Newly read books only.
  • DNFing disqualifies a book from counting! Finished books only.
  • Creative interpretation is allowed, nay, encouraged!
  • Failure to complete this challenge will result in a yet-to-be-determined Dire Consequence.

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