Every year, The 52 Book Club offers a reading challenge, which I like to think of as a scavenger hunt for readers. Since this is, after all, the launch of our new book blog, we at Page and Prose decided to challenge ourselves with this year’s list, with the goal of completing all items before December 31, 2021.


Here’s the thing, though — it is already mid-year of 2021, and we have already read quite a few books!


So here’s how we are going to proceed:

  • Hailey and I will include the full list of 52 prompts below.
  • We will add our answers for the items that we’ve already checked off between January 1, 2021 and the present date.
  • As the year unfolds, we will keep adding our answers to this blog post.
  • BOTH of us will be doing this, mind you – Hailey’s listed books will not be the same as my listed books, because where is the fun in that?


Additional ground rules:

  • We are not counting any of the books we reread within this calendar year. Hailey and I reread books a lot, so it would be an unfair advantage on our part.
  • We are also not counting books that we end up DNFing, because obviously.
  • On the other hand, we are both allowed to interpret questions as creatively as we like. If we can defend how a book fits one of the prompts, it counts!
  • If either of us fails to complete the challenge…hmm…I will have to come up with a Dire Consequence. Stay tuned!

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